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Expanding One’s View – Bushra Alvi

Bushra Alvi, 4th year student in the Intermediate Program, glances back at the physical gates that make up the back wall of Darul Qasim’s library. Students and faculty spent countless hours here studying traditional and contemporary Islamic texts. She is asked to reflect on how walking through the symbolic gate of knowledge, that is Darul Qasim, has transformed her. Instantly...

Standing on the Shoulders of Giants – Ustadh Firas Alkhateeb

“I see Darul Qasim as being a place that has the potential not just to transform individuals, but also society as a whole.[…] Because what we are trying to do here is […] not just teach students the bare bones, dry fiqh […] and this is what you believe… and things like that.  But getting them to think about Islam...

Hope and Belief in Allah’s ﷻ Reward – Ramadan 1, 1443 Post-Tarāwīh Reflection

On the first night of Ramaḍān, Shaykh Amin shared  some  post-tarāwīḥ reflections on the immense reward that is accessible to all during this blessed month. He reminded all who were present that Allah ﷻ is the Most Generous Being, al-Karīm, and that He ﷻ loves us to ask Him ﷻ to fulfill our needs. This month should be entered by...

Creating Dialogue with the Living and Dead – Mawlana Saaleh Baseer

“For me, Darul Qasim, more than any other institution, was able to create a dialogue with the living and a dialogue with those that are dead.” Mawlana Saaleh Baseer, a second-year Ifta student,  reflects here on Darul Qasim’s illuminating and engaging approach to the acquisition of academic knowledge. When walking through this gate of knowledge there is a realization that...

Muqri’ah Sayeeda Hikmat & the Quest For More Knowledge

What does walking through the gate of knowledge look, feel, and sound like for a female student at Darul Qasim? Sayeeda Hikmat, a 4th year student in the intermediate program, shares:  “It’s never going to end…I can keep doing more and more!” Sayeeda’s excitement and dedication to the acquisition of Islamic knowledge can be felt not only in her words,...

Books Don’t Speak – Dr. Muhammed Volkan Yildiran Stodolsky

Dr. Muhammed Volkan Yildiran Stodolsky is the Chair in the Department of Theology

Walking Through The Gate of Knowledge

As this blessed month of Ramadan begins, take a glimpse inside a world of learning. Join us as we share with you stories of Darul Qasim and walk through the Gate of Knowledge.

Elevating the Prophetic Virtue of Generosity in Ramaḍān – Dr. Muhammed Volkan Yildiran Stodolsky

In this Pre-Ramaḍān segment, Dr. Stodolsky elucidates the Prophetic virtue of generosity as a means of reflecting upon how the Prophet ﷺ elevated this virtue in the blessed month of Ramaḍān. His reflections serve as a reminder to work on building our generosity, alongside our abundant recitation throughout the month. Dr. Muhammed Volkan Yildiran Stodolsky is the Chair in the...

Unshakable Faith in Times of Change

The Muslim’s worldview is rooted in the belief that “Allah ﷻ is permanent and all else is changing.” Change is not to be feared or lamented, but rather taken as an opportunity to strengthen one’s conviction that Allah is in control all of the time. This ability to relate to Allah ﷻ in alternating times with unshakable faith is exemplified...

Hijab Think Tank – Guidance and Encouragement to Indian Muslims

In mid-February, all eyes were on the Indian state of Karnataka as female Muslim students took a stand against a college’s decision to ban the hijab. As videos, images, and op-eds flooded our news feeds, Chicago Muslim leaders called on their communities to go further than virtual and verbal support. A think tank was created with the intention of providing...

The Prophetic Perspective on ‘Saving Lives’

Reflection delivered January 14th, 2022 Darul Qasim · The Prophetic Perspective On ‘Saving Lives’

‘Wealth’ From the Lens of Rasūl Allāh ﷺ

Reflection delivered December 31st, 2021 Darul Qasim · ‘Wealth’ From the Lens of Rasūlullah ﷺ
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