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Salām is absolute goodwill towards others

Lecture at MSI, Glendale Heights What is Salām? Salām is absolute goodwill towards others: “I don’t wish evil for anybody; I don’t wish ill for anybody. In THIS night — when Allah is going to forgive me, and in sha Allah the whole Ummah, and deliver the whole Ummah from the fire of Hell, in sha Allah — I’m going...

Perceiving the Reality Beyond

Friday Reflections: Recorded on June 12, 2015 Muslim behavior and conduct in Ramaḍān is proof of the prophetic tradition that Allah ﷻ closes the gates of Jahannam and opens the gates of Jannah in this blessed month. In other words, obeying Allah ﷻ becomes easy in Ramaḍān because the gates of Jannah are open. And sin becomes difficult because the...

Reading the Sīrah through the Sunnah

Friday Reflections: Recorded at MCC Louisville on February 27, 2015 In these days when Muslims face the crisis of various extremist groups promoting their distortions of Islam, this talk speaks to a common source of misguidance, namely examining the sīrah (prophetic biography) without the lens of the sunnah. Shaykh Amin takes us back to the difficult days of ʿAlī (RA) who...

Social Etiquette Amid Due Process in Dealing with Criminal Crises within Muslim Communities

Friday Reflections: Recorded at MSI Glendale Heights on February 20, 2015 Editor’s note: Recommended pre-reading: Darul Qasim’s Position on the Moral and Legal Obligations for Muslims Regarding Sexual Crimes Social Etiquette Amid Due Process in Dealing with Criminal Crises within Muslim Communities In the wake of the recent criminal charges brought against a prominent Chicago area Muslim scholar, Shaykh Amin...

Constancy In Crisis

Friday Reflections: October 14, 2014 The tenets of the Islamic faith remain immutable through social and political discord. Even the earliest Muslim communities were tested by turbulent political crises. Their immediate recourse to Duʿāʾ (supplication) coupled with humbleness before Allah ﷻ helped them weather political storms far more grave than Muslims in the west have known. Click to Play   or...

Sacrifice in the Spirit of Submission

ʿĪd al-Aḍḥā Reflections: October 5, 2014 Two monumental sacrifices mark the genesis of the Muslim civilization and must be remembered and honored at the culmination of the Islamic calendar year. The first is the sacrifice of a mother, Hājar (AS), who gives her all to save the life of her child. And the second is the sacrifice of a father,...

One Congregation Under One God

Friday Reflections: September 26, 2014 The Ḥajj is the international face of Islam and the climax of the Islamic calendar year. It is a pilgrimage that condenses and absorbs the sunnah of Ibrāhīm (AS) into the dīn (religion) of Muhammad ﷺ. Click to Play   or Right-click to Save  
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