Programs of Study

Doctoral Level Iftāʾ Program in Islamic Law (4 years)

Darul Qasim is seeking candidates for the Doctoral level to begin the program.

The Doctoral Level Iftāʾ Program in Islamic Law is a successor program to the Master’s Level Program. A graduate of the Doctoral Level Iftāʾ Program will be equipped to handle issues at the international level. The qualifications of the Doctoral Level Iftāʾ program is to either complete the Master’s Level Program at Darul Qasim, or complete takmīl coursework at another institution.  If you feel that you are qualified and wish to enroll into the Doctoral Level Iftāʾ program in Islamic Law, please make an appointment by emailing

Master’s Level Program in Islamic Law & Islamic Theology (3 years)

Darul Qasim has a unique ability to offer classical Islamic knowledge in a very vibrant, contemporary context, and to a very contextually aware audience. By completing the Master’s level program, an individual will gain the ability to explain the theories of Madhhabs (Legal Schools of Thought) through Hadith. The Master’s level program serves as a continuation in the building of the ‘content’ for the student, while immersing them into the ‘contexts’ of Islamic disciplines and contemporary society.

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Bachelor’s Level Program in Islamic Studies (4 years)

The Bachelor’s level program at Darul Qasim will take you on a rich and in-depth journey into the methodology behind the Islamic tradition. The program is built on an extensive study of Arabic grammar, morphology, and rhetoric. These language skills are used to study texts on principles of Qurʾānic Exegesis, Hadith, Islamic Law, and Islamic Theological studies. These core principles, along with courses in a particular Legal School of Thought (Madhhab), will develop the understanding of the ‘Content’ of early Muslim intellectual civilizations and the Oral Tradition.  Furthermore, students will be immersed in learning modern Arabic so that they may be able to articulate the content in a contemporary setting.

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The Shaykh al-Hind Program (1 or 2 Years) | Pre-collegiate

This entry-level immersion Shaykh al-Hind program is available in two tracks (i.e. one year full-time or two year part-time) enabling the student to begin their academic studies with an end goal: to learn the necessary Islamic knowledge known as the ‘farḍ ʿayn’ (an obligation for every Muslim, male and female) in the Arabic language:

  1. A one year full-time track (two semesters) for students taking a year off from other academic courses and work
  2. A two year part-time track (four semesters) for working professionals or college students who want to balance their work/study life with a dedication towards Islamic academic learning

Learn more about the program philosophy, the classes, and the reason it was named Shaykh al-Hind by clicking below.

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Arabic Program – Pre-collegiate

Seeking knowledge that is necessary for salvation is ‘farḍ ʿayn‘, an obligation for every Muslim, male and female. To facilitate the acquisition of Islamic knowledge in the West, Darul Qasim offers an Arabic program that prepares students to learn their ‘farḍ ʿayn‘ in the Arabic language.

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High School Islamic Studies Program

This uniquely designed two-semester program provides high school juniors and seniors with a conceptual understanding of how mainstream traditional Islam based on the Qur’an and Sunnah operates and applies in a Muslim’s life in the 21st century.

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Qurʾān Recitation Program – Pre-collegiate

Recitation of the Qurʾān as it was revealed to the Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him, is at the core of worship of every Muslim. To facilitate the prophetic manner of recitation, Darul Qasim has developed a three-semester Qurʾān recitation program (QUR101 – QUR103) that takes the student from recognizing and properly pronouncing Arabic letters to mastering the science of Tajwīd: the rules that govern the science of Qurʾānic recitation.

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Islamic Studies Essentials Online Program

“I’m a Muslim.” For many, this statement will be challenged time and again, especially through the formative years of high school and beyond. For others, it’s “embarrassing” to admit. What does it mean to be a Muslim? How do we worship God? How do we understand the theology rooted in Islam? What is the Sunnah and how does it apply? This unique online program is designed to provide students with a foundational and conceptual understanding of Islam to prepare them for the social and intellectual challenges they will face in the ‘real world’. The tough questions will always be asked; what is important is to succinctly lay the groundwork to have a strong core understanding of the faith you follow.

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