Hope and Forgiveness for the Ummah of Muhammad ﷺ

Reflection delivered on April 16th, 2022

“We must not lose hope from Allah’s Raḥmah for the Ummah. The greatest disease in the Ummah is pessimism, losing hope. Losing hope in yourself, losing hope in the people around you, losing hope in the Ummah of Muhammad .”

On this night of Ramaḍān, Shaykh Amin reminds us that we must guard ourselves from the disease of losing hope. He pushes us to reflect upon the eternal nature of Allah’s Forgiveness. 

“Allah ﷻ, He ﷻ is above time. He ﷻ creates time. So for Him ﷻ, it is eternally that He ﷻ is forgiving people. He ﷻ liberates 70,000 a night [from Jahannam]. How many nights have there been in the 1,400 odd years we have been doing [Ramaḍān]?” 

Thus, our mindset and our focus must be one of hope and optimism in our speech, actions, and worship in these blessed days and nights.  We must desire for every Muslim to enter Jannah with us. Because to love and hope for the Ummah of Muhammad , what we love and hope for ourselves is not only īmān, but is adab (etiquette)  with him .  

“The Ummah is his ﷺ, we have to maintain adab with him ﷺ. If you want his ﷺ  shafāʿahʾ (intercession), you have to spare the Ummah from your discourse, from your pessimism, from your anger. That is how you will receive the shafāʿah of the Prophet ﷺ.”