ʿEīd-al Fiṭr: A Token of Appreciation for Allah’s ﷻ Guidance

Eid relfection delivered on May 2nd, 2022 


In this year’s ʿEīd-al Fiṭr khuṭbah (sermon), Shaykh Amin urges everyone to not only celebrate the completion of our fasts, but also to appreciate the guidance that Allah ﷻ gives us.  Appreciation entails action.  Muslims must express themselves with civilizational values of Islam that can be carried to the rest of the world.  Values like honesty, integrity, and generosity.   

“This dīn is for all time and for all people. […] The nature of Islam is that it is built on the Nūr of Allah, which is going to diffuse itself. You cannot contain it anywhere.”

As Muslims living in the United States, “we must appreciate that Allah ﷻ has brought us here for a reason” and we must be Muslims that  emanate the beauty of Islam to all people and all communities.  This is the mindset that should propel us towards participating locally, nationally, and globally for the benefit of all of humanity.