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The Art of Giving a Fatwā in the Ḥanafī Madhhab

Disclaimer: This article is written for students pursuing Iftā studies or ‘ulema who are engaged with giving fatāwā.
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Hijab Think Tank – Guidance and Encouragement to Indian Muslims

In mid-February, all eyes were on the Indian state of Karnataka as female Muslim students took a stand against a college’s decision to ban the hijab. As videos, images, and op-eds flooded our news feeds, Chicago Muslim leaders called on their communities to go further than virtual and verbal support....
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Superior Guidance through Superior Submission

Question: Is God egotistical as He says He can forgive all sins except kufr and He punishes people who don’t believe in Him? Answer: Once you believe Allah ﷻ exists and He alone is The One Whom we worship, then our lives are invariably governed by His rules and regulations....
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