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Shaykh al-Hind (1 year Immersion or 2 Year Part-time)


Darul Qasim founder and President, Shaykh Mohammed Amin Kholwadia, named this program in honor of Mawlānā Maḥmūd Ḥasan: the first and arguably the most preeminent student of Dār al-ʿUlūm Deoband.

Under his tutelage, many students became distinguished leaders and pioneers in a variety of Islamic disciplines. Mawlānā Maḥmūd Ḥasan was given the title of Shaykh al-Hind (Shaykh of India) by his peers, both Muslim and non-Muslim alike, in recognition of his leadership and impact on the political landscape.

The Immersion Shaykh Al-hind Program

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2-Year Shaykh Al-Hind Schedule

Weeknights and Weekends

The Shaykh al-Hind Immersion one year track is designed for full-time students with classes offered in the mornings. Each week, students will receive 24 hours of instruction in Arabic (naḥw and ṣarf) and Islamic Studies. Shaykh al-Hind Immersion full-time program will also offer Humanities and Tajwīd classes. Additionally, all students are eligible to attend weekend and evening Arabic and Islamic studies classes as electives. 

The Shaykh al-Hind two year track is designed for working adults and college students who are enthusiastic and committed to gaining Islamic knowledge around their school/work schedule. Each week, students will receive up to six hours of Arabic and Islamic Studies instructions. Students will be able to enroll in both required Arabic sections (naḥw and ṣarf) on Tuesday & Thursday respectively or Islamic Studies section (Wednesdays) or the combination of both.  Likewise for the weekend as well.

Value and Methodology of the Program

The program teaches students how to apply the Islamic intellectual tradition to the present-day context. In doing so, it imparts an understanding of Islam’s role in the world that is true to the example of the Prophet ﷺ‎. The result is an approach that is based in traditional Islamic thought and yet able to engage in the challenges of modern society. The Shaykh al-Hind program is an immersion level program through which a student will become eligible to enroll in the Intermediate Islamic Studies Program at Darul Qasim.

To facilitate the acquisition of Islamic knowledge in the West, Darul Qasim is offering the Shaykh al-Hind program, which allows students to learn their farḍ ʿayn in the Arabic language. Seeking knowledge that is necessary for salvation is farḍ ʿayn, an obligation for every Muslim. Students will learn the basics of Arabic grammar and morphology, Islamic laws of worship (fiqh), and belief (ʿaqīdah). The program exposes students to the vast, rich intellectual tradition of Islam. 


“Enrolling in the Shaykh al-Hind Plus program is undoubtedly one of the best decisions I have made in my life. Without exaggeration, I have learned something new every single day. The teachers are masters in their respective fields and have taught me truly how vast and deep the ocean of knowledge is. In just one year, I have been given a solid foundation in the Islamic sciences and the Arabic language which I hope to build upon for the rest of my life. I am truly thankful to Darul Qasim for facilitating my search for knowledge and I ask Allah to accept the services it is carrying out for His Deen.”

Mustafa Farooqi
Completed Shaykh al-Hind Honors, Pre-med student

“The facts can be obtained anywhere, but to understand the context and how it manifested provides the student insight on how they should inculcate the information in their lives. The classes are catalyst for change and a student cannot help but to be transformed with the level of education one receives.”

Syed Quadri
Completed Shaykh al-Hind 2 Year Track, MBA University of Chicago | Program Business Analyst

“The Shaykh al-Hind program and its teachers were challenging, yet understanding of the beginner’s level that I had when I began the coursework. While I understand that I have only scratched the surface of Arabic, I am amazed at the level of Arabic that can be reached through this program. Arabic grammar is complex, yet we were able to cover a large amount of material without it feeling overbearing. Small class sizes ensure personal attention, and the professors understand how to assign exercises that develop your skills and improve on your weaknesses. The Islamic studies section was a profound benefit to me and is sure to bring a deeper understanding of the five pillars to all students.”

Ahmed Minhaj
Completed Shaykh al-Hind Honors, Master’s in Biomedical Engineering, research in biomedical lasers and optics | Attorney graduate, Operations Manager, Burma Task Force, non-profit organization


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The Shaykh Al-hind Program

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