Darul Qasim’s Position on the Moral and Legal Obligations for Muslims Regarding Sexual Crimes

There seems to be much confusion about cases and matters pertaining to allegations of sexual...

Causes And Means Of Healing – An Islamic Ontological Perspective

Ahsan M. Arozullah, M. Amin Kholwadia,  M. Volkan Stodolsky,  and Aasim I. Padella This article...

Forensic Psychiatry

Bilal Ali and Hooman Keshavarzi This article was published in October 2017 in the Oxford...

Physician’s Juristic Role

Muhammed Volkan Stodolosky and Mohammed A. Kholwadia This article was published in April 2018 in...

Wilāyah And Its Implications For Islamic Bioethics

Ahsan M. Arozullah and Mohammed A. Kholwadia This article was published in March 2013 in...

Dire Necessity And Transformation: Entry-points For Modern Science In Islamic Bioethical Assessment Of Porcine Products In Vaccines

Aasim I. Padela, Steven W. Furber, Mohammad A. Kholwadia and Ebrahim Moosa Dr Padela’s’s time-effort...

Medical Experts & Islamic Scholars Deliberating Over Brain Death: Gaps In The Applied Islamic Bioethics Discourse

Aasim I. Padela, Hasan Shanawani and Ahsan Arozullah This paper was presented in partial form...

Amicus Brief – Religious Freedom Institute

The Religious Freedom Institute, Islam and Religious Freedom Action Team (“IRF”), amplifies Muslim voices on...

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