Sacrifice in the Spirit of Submission

ʿĪd al-Aḍḥā Reflections: October 5, 2014

Two monumental sacrifices mark the genesis of the Muslim civilization and must be remembered and honored at the culmination of the Islamic calendar year. The first is the sacrifice of a mother, Hājar (AS), who gives her all to save the life of her child. And the second is the sacrifice of a father, Ibrāhīm (AS), who gives his all to take the life of that very child. Both acts are poles apart in presentation, yet united in representation as they firmly cling to a common axis of unconditional servitude and total submission to one God ﷻ . Shaykh Amin recalls how these two very human acts were honored by our Prophet ﷺ who incorporated them into the rites of Ḥajj, setting the standard for Muslims everywhere, and in all times.

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