Observing With Nūr

Khuṭbah (sermon) delivered by Shaykh Amin on October 16th, 2015

In this khuṭbah (sermon), Shaykh Amin reinforces the notion of Qurʾānic Tafsīr (Exegesis) as a comprehensive exercise involving multi-faceted studies and analysis of any given verse. He uses verse 44 of Sūrat al-Nūr, a verse that might seem out of place, even trivila, to an untrained eye, yet holds the key to the very point of the Sūrah – that Allah’s ﷻ Nūr is intended to clarify the vision of believers, not just at a macroscopic level but also at microscopic levels, not just at the level of challenges facing to all of humanity, but also to the everyday concerns we each face in our lives at home and in our larger communities. In his own unique style, the Shaykh immerses us into this one verse and gives us an inside-out view of the ecosystem that we are an integral part of, with comments on our individual and collective roles as its citizens.

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