Reading the Sīrah through the Sunnah

Friday Reflections: Recorded at MCC Louisville on February 27, 2015

In these days when Muslims face the crisis of various extremist groups promoting their distortions of Islam, this talk speaks to a common source of misguidance, namely examining the sīrah (prophetic biography) without the lens of the sunnah. Shaykh Amin takes us back to the difficult days of ʿAlī (RA) who battled a group – the khawārij – that espoused the same ideals as such groups do today. The take away message of the talk is that no sin, however heinous or grave, other than shirk itself, deprives us of Islam. This is a fundamental principle of Islamic ʿaqīdah (fundamental belief) that the khawārij violated as part of their ideology, and that extremists do the same today. It is akin to deeming oneself worthy of standing at the gates of heaven and turning away those who seek to enter it. And that is, paradoxically, a strong indication of one’s tendency towards committing shirk.

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