Hujjatullah Al-Bālighah – Seminar

A weekend aimed at exploring the renowned book ‘The Conclusive Argument from God’ (Hujjatullah al-Baligah), authored by the one of the most prominent Muslim thinkers of pre-modern South Asia; Shah Wali Allah ad-Dehlawi. Joining us on this journey will be...

Ramadan schedule for Isha/Taraweeh

Please note the following times for Isha at Darul Qasim during the month of Ramadan. Taraweeh prayers will follow soon after. May 16 – May 21     9:50 PM May 22 – May 29    10:00 PM May 30 – Jun 15     10:15 PM

DQ Summer Intensive -Application Now Open

Begin your quest for more knowledge! Darul Qasim is pleased to announce the DQ Summer Intensive Application is now open. Please view the relevant information, and scroll down for the application form. Questions? Contact the Office of the Registrar at...

Darul Iftā accepting inquiries

Darul Qasim is now offering its Darul Iftā services. Members of the community can submit questions in select categories. Submit an inquiry

Workshop Archive Recordings Now Available, FREE

We are pleased to announce that all Darul Qasim workshop archives are now available for free from Benefit from the many scholars that have shared their knowledge in relevant and important discourses at Darul Qasim: Modernity, Dr. Umar Faruq...