The Story Behind the Open Doors

Ustadh Firas AlKhateeb Teachers Get a Different Take on Teaching   Give Today   Everyone always wonders what goes on in a classroom, behind closed doors. There are so many messages floating around, verbally transmitted by the teacher, and you wonder how much reaches...

The Story of Box Shipping & The Fiqh of Finance

Hafiz Atiq Taiyab From Student to Scholar Give Today   I remember how one day Mufti Hisham just walked in to our Fiqh and Hadith class and said:   “Find out what box shipping is, which chapter of finance in fiqh it is analogous to, and then based on that,...

Ramadan schedule for Isha/Taraweeh

Please note the following times for Isha at Darul Qasim during the month of Ramadan. Taraweeh prayers will follow soon after. May 16 – May 21     9:50 PM May 22 – May 29    10:00 PM May 30 – Jun 15     10:15 PM

Darul Iftā accepting inquiries

Darul Qasim is now offering its Darul Iftā services. Members of the community can submit questions in select categories. Submit an inquiry