Friday Reflections & Lectures

Commitment to our Deen Within an Ever-changing Context

Reflection delivered on October 13th, 2017

In his Friday reflection, Shaykh Amin calls our attention to the Seerah of Prophets throughout history, where the context may have varied in each situation, but the message remained universal. As we encounter modern issues that run antithetical to the Qur’an and Sunnah, we must maintain our perspective of believing in Allah and preparing for the akhirah, and refrain from succumbing to the ever-changing political, social and economic landscape. The Shaykh particularly points out the importance of the Prophetic Sunnah in maintaining our chastity and modesty – that the moral standard of a Muslim rises above current standards of conduct.


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Fruits of Isra and Mi’raj

Reflection delivered on April 13th, 2018

In this profound address on the topic of Isra al M’iraj, Shaykh Amin draws our focus upon the very foundation of The Night of Ascension, which is Salat. The five daily prayers must not be perceived as a responsibility, rather a hand-delivered gift from Allah to His Rasul that will contribute to our own ascension towards The Divine, and one which will physically or psychologically resolve our worldly matters. Thus any discussion around this Blessed event must revolve around its fruit.


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Prophetic Intelligence as Our Portal to Success

Reflection delivered on January 26th, 2018

All Prophets have been chosen through Allah’s Grace to be the inheritors of knowledge that stretches beyond time and space.  We accept this notion irrespective of context of the Nabi’s race, culture or time period. The Prophet Muhammad (s) being the ultimate recipient of God’s grace, we accept him as possessing a scope and depth of knowledge beyond any human being ever created and the standard against which all intelligence should be evaluated.  It is only upon our reliance on this source that we can gain knowledge of our pre and post mortal existence, survive this world and live in the next.

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Knowledge as the Greatest of All Blessings

Reflection delivered on January 19th, 2018

Service of God is derived from knowledge, and this makes knowledge one of our greatest ‘inamat (blessings). In this Friday reflection, Shaykh Amin explains why a recognition of this concept and embracing this great blessing will transform us into a true Muslim nation that is uncompromisingly proud of our mode of Divine servitude.

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A Return to Islam’s Civilizational Code

Reflection delivered on June 25, 2017

In this Eid message, Shaykh Amin presents us with a retrospective view of the Ummah’s adherence to Islam’s civilizational code through the ages. Just as our observance of the Eid-ul-Fiṭr holiday and its customary acts of worship has been perpetuated through the centuries, so too must we carry forth the legacy of adab (etiquette) in our interactions with our family, neighbors, and humanity at large – and more specifically in the way we offer advice to our fellow Muslims. The Ummah is unified in this order of adab through our conformance to the Sunnah of the Prophet ﷺ and our belief in Allah ﷻ and the Last Day.

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Ramadan Reflection Series with Shaykh Amin, #6 – Ramadan 23, 1438

Reflection delivered on June 18, 2017

The prophetic advice is to seek Laylat al-Qadr. Shaykh Amin lays out the practical framework to searching for the Night of Power, what it means to the believer in these last ten days, and how to understand the effects of the night in terms of angelic presence and tireless worship.

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Ramadan Reflection Series with Shaykh Amin, #5 – Ramadan 22, 1438

Reflection delivered on June 17, 2017

There is no greater ʿibādah (worship) after the obligatory acts than the recitation of the Qurʾān. Shaykh Amin sheds light on the significance of the order of Qurʾānic recitation in tafsīr. Laylat al-Qadr only shows itself to those who drop their foreheads into sajdah (prostration) as a consequence of Iqraʾ.

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Ramadan Reflection Series with Shaykh Amin, #4 – Ramadan 16, 1438

Reflection delivered on June 10, 2017

Shaykh Amin makes the case that the need of the hour is for Muslims to understand that their Islam is established in the person of Muhammad ﷺ. Our acts of dedicated worship are the greatest proof that Allah ﷻ sends down His ﷻ Raḥmah (mercy) on the ummah of His ﷻ Ḥabīb (beloved) ﷺ.

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