Eid al Fitr 2022

As-Salāmu ʿalaykum,

Al-Ḥamdulillāh we have concluded yet another Ramaḍān! May Allah ﷻ accept all our efforts and duʿāʾ. May Allah ﷻ forgive us for the mistakes we’ve made and overlook our blunders and faults. May Allah ﷻ continue to grant us from His Eternal Faḍl.

I would like to wish all our Darul Qasim patrons and their families a very Mubarak Eid and a most blessed future in both worlds. Amīn.

Eid Mubarak!

Shaykh Amin Kholwadia
President, Darul Qasim

Eid salah led by Shaykh Mohammed Amin Kholwadia | President of Darul Qasim

Time: Monday May 2nd, 2022 at 10am CST

Venue: 1919 Walnut Ave, Hanover Park, IL 60133 (Hanover Park District Tennis Dome)

Parking Fee – $20.00 per car must be paid online at masjidalhuda.org