Unshakable Faith in Times of Change

The Muslim’s worldview is rooted in the belief that “Allah ﷻ is permanent and all else is changing.” Change is not to be feared or lamented, but rather taken as an opportunity to strengthen one’s conviction that Allah is in control all of the time. This ability to relate to Allah ﷻ in alternating times with unshakable faith is exemplified in the life of the Prophet and how he trained the Ṣaḥābah by reminding them that there is only one place where things will not change and that is jannah. And the constancy and permanency of jannah is only available to those who adapt to change here and see Allah in their lives.  “If He [Allah ﷻ] is not with us for a moment we would cease to exist!” From this vantage point, Shaykh Amin helps us to understand how we should understand and react to the changes in our world today.


Reflection delivered March 11th, 2022