Sūrah al-Fatḥ (48) Session 6


What is the ultimate purpose of the coming of the final messenger ﷺ? Is it mundane or political? Rather it is guidance (hudā).
We must promote our dīn in such a way that it conquers all other ideologies. This is the primary (even sole) reason for Muslims living in a non-Muslim land.
Allah ﷻ does not give us a theory without a practical application of that theory. And the practical application is in the Rasūl ﷺ.
There is no such thing as an incomplete Islam. There is only a complete Islam. And a complete Islam is when Muslims believe what Muhammad ﷺ believes. It is Muhammad-centric. For instance, when we believe inʿĪsā, we believe in how Muhammad ﷺ believes in ʿĪsā. Muhammad ﷺ is the total manifestation of the Rasūl of Allah ﷻ.
  • seeing Hudaybiyyah as a victory
  • actualizing the true dīn
  • Muhammad RasulAllah ﷺ – the Rasul within and without time
  • fool-proofing ‘aqīdah through strictness against bid’āt
  • the all-or-nothingness of Īmān
  • a pluralistic legal system built upon tolerance in fiqh, diversity and intellectual accommodation
  • coexistence without integration