Zakat Presentation with Q&A Live Online (03/27)

Zakat is the obligatory charity that is due upon every Muslim adult. Sounds simple enough, but many of us do not realize what this truly means, as how we define wealth, debt, needs and recipients has become more complex. As Ramadan is fast approaching, there is no better time to gain a clearer understanding of one of the pillars of our faith. As our Beloved Prophet ﷺ exemplified, this month is one of charity and giving. Intentions and understanding are essential.    

This must-watch presentation on the essentials of Zakat shared by Darul Qasim’s Mufti Hisham Dawood, Chair of the Department of Islamic Law and Darul Ifta is not only timely, but extremely practical and relevant. He approaches the topic through a traditional lens, but is careful to translate key concepts and ideas for Muslims living in the US. His presentation is built around these 4 areas of discussion:    

  • Defining Zakat and the payer
  • Nisab types and amounts
  • A discussion on the conditions of nisab: What constitutes the lunar year; scenarios in which zakat is obligatory and how much; what constitutes needs; how is debt defined/understood
  • Zakat recipients: who can and cannot receive zakat? 
  • FAQ’s: He delves into some of the most frequent questions posed by Muslims in the US

Sadaqat al-Fitr:  what is it and how is it dispensed?