Sūrah al-Fatḥ (48) Session 2


The more Muslims are purified, the more Islam will spread. In this lecture:

  • tazkiyah
  • the force of sakīnah
  • the test in Ḥudaybiyyah of the companions’ love for the prophet ﷺ
  • the armies of Allah ﷺ
  • the expansive effect of Imān upon knowledge
  • cleansing to be eligible for Jannah

Summary: The reason Ṣaḥābah were successful in the dunyā was because of their raising the ranks of the Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) and being purified. Islam is not philosophy, ideology, nor Islam centric; it’s prophet centric. Our actions and Imān directly affect how Islam spreads and how good our dunyā develops.  Allah sent sakīnah over the hearts of the believers so their Imān was not shaken. To Allah belongs all the armies on the earth and in the heavens. So, the Prophet had access to them and saw before his eyes what was happening in signing the Treaty of Ḥudaybiyyah . So, we relinquish our judgement to his. Our total Islam is our total submission to the Prophet’s knowledge.