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Sūrah Ghāfir (40:10-15)

SESSION 4, DELIVERED ON 04/14/2019 Worshipping Allah ﷻ only because He ﷻ bestows His ﷻ favors upon you is not really worship....

Sūrah Ghāfir (40:7-9)

SESSION 3, DELIVERED ON 04/07/2019 The highest point of creation is the Throne of Allah ﷻ, and the prophets (AS) mirror...

Sūrah Ghāfir (40:4-6)

SESSION 2, DELIVERED ON 03/17/2019 The believer does not argue regarding the āyāt of the Qur’ān from a standpoint of...

Sūrah Ghāfir (40:1-3)

SESSION 1, DELIVERED ON 03/10/2019 With respect to the Qur’ān, its utility is ‘ibādah, and the ‘ibādah is in its...

Sūrat al-Zumar (39:70-75)

SESSION 14, DELIVERED ON 03/03/2019 It is from the niẓām (divine appropriation) of Allah ﷻ that He ﷻ does not...

Sūrat al-Zumar (39:65-70)

SESSION 13, DELIVERED ON 02/24/2019 By the principles of tawhīd, no matter how many good deeds a person does, if...

Sūrat al-Zumar (39:60-64)

SESSION 12, DELIVERED ON 02/10/2019 Allah ﷻ protects us from the fire if we protect ourselves from sin. In this...

Sūrat al-Zumar (39:52-59)

SESSION 11, DELIVERED ON 02/03/2019 In the view of the servant, the shahādah is a testimony that Allah ﷻ knows...

Sūrat al-Zumar (39:46-51)

SESSION 10, DELIVERED ON 01/27/2019 In the view of the servant, the shahādah is a testimony that Allah ﷻ knows...

Sūrat al-Zumar (39:39-45)

SESSION 9, DELIVERED ON 01/20/2019 Those who seek guidance or misguidance do so only to their own individual benefit or...

Sūrat al-Zumar (39:32-38)

SESSION 8, DELIVERED ON 01/13/2019 Arrogance and pride often stop human beings from accepting the Truth. In this lecture: –...

Sūrat al-Zumar (39:27-31)

SESSION 7, DELIVERED ON 12/23/2018 Human beings can’t match the Speech of Allah ﷻ because their knowledge and imagination is...
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