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Please email for questions.

This application form [scroll down] is for students who are seeking full-time enrollment.  If you are seeking part-time enrollment, please visit to register for individual courses offered at Darul Qasim.

The form below is for those applying for one of the following programs:

The Immersion Shaykh al-Hind Program
Prerequisite: Fluency in Qurʾān reading and basic Arabic writing

Intermediate Islamic Studies
Prerequisite: Completion of Shaykh al-Hind program or equivalent (completion and mastery of entry level Ṣarf and Naḥw studies)

Advanced Islamic Law and Islamic Theology
Prerequisite: Completion of the intermediate level courses with a 2.0+ GPA or equivalent

If you have completed Arabic and Islamic courses/texts outside Darul Qasim, please ensure you specify all the courses/texts you have completed to ensure accurate course offerings and placement in the program you specify to enroll.

Proof via documentation of completed courses/texts through individuals or institutes must be emailed to after the submission of this application form. Darul Qasim will not accept completion of courses/texts documented by applicants without proof of their completion from their instructor or institute.

The Office of the Registrar ( will review your submission and contact you via email or phone with further details and updates.

Enrollment Steps

1. Apply: Submit your application [scroll down] – deadline: August 15, 2018

2. Complete Assessment [if applicable]: The Registrar will review your application submission, contact you for additionally information if needed then schedule a placement assessment for you with our faculty [if applicable]

3. Register: The Registrar will email your course load to register for prior to the beginning of the semester – make sure tuition payments have been setup before the due date

4. Attend: the mandatory orientation and the first day of class and beyond

To view the academic calendar for complete dates, please visit

Important Dates

Application Deadline AUGUST 15, 2018

New Students Orientation AUGUST 17, 2018

First day of class AUGUST 22, 2018

Application Form

Minors are not eligible to enroll in full-time or part-time programs at Darul Qasim as a standard policy.
Darul Qasim reserves the right to approve or reject an applicant’s admission as a full-time or part-time student.