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Ramadan Reflection Series with Shaykh Amin, #4 – Ramadan 16, 1438

Reflection delivered on June 10, 2017 Shaykh Amin makes the case that the need of the hour is for Muslims to understand that their Islam is established in the person of Muhammad ﷺ. Our acts of dedicated worship are the greatest proof that Allah ﷻ sends down His ﷻ Raḥmah (mercy) on the ummah of His ﷻ Ḥabīb (beloved) ﷺ....

Ramadan Reflection Series with Shaykh Amin, #3 – Ramadan 15, 1438

Reflection delivered on June 9, 2017 On this fifteenth night of Ramadan, Shaykh Amin elaborates on how to go about supplicating Allah ﷻ for His ﷻ maghfirah (forgiveness) and the practical prerequisites to such supplication. “The greatest Raḥmah (mercy) is being able to acknowledge that we are unworthy of Raḥmah.”

Ramadan Reflection Series with Shaykh Amin, #2 – Ramadan 9, 1438

Reflection delivered on June 3, 2017 Our love for RasulAllah ﷺ must be accompanied by a love and concern for his ummah. This level of raḥmah (mercy) between believers must manifest through sincere and consistent duʿāʾ (supplication) for our misguided brothers and sisters. Sincere duʿāʾ (supplication) is key to attracting the Raḥmah (Mercy) of the divine. It is the only...

Ramadan Reflection Series with Shaykh Amin, #1 – Ramadan 8, 1438

Reflection delivered on June 2, 2017 The real manifestation of Allah’s ﷻ ‘Raḥmah’ (Mercy) in this month is that a believer is drawn to remembrance and worship to a much greater degree than the pursuits of this world.

Perfect Guidance from the Perfect Human Being

Reflection delivered on February 10, 2017 Throughout the centuries in Islamic history, Muslims have followed a blueprint for guidance within the Qurʾān and Sunnah – one that has required no revisions, new editions or updated versions. Once we are convinced that this fact holds true and believe that the knowledge given to the Prophet ﷺ is forever and perfect, then we...

Strangers in Our Own Land: Reclaiming Our Relevance

Reflection delivered on January 20, 2017 In this important reflection, Shaykh Amin impresses upon us the tradition of the Prophet ﷺ that ‘Islam is a foreigner and will once again return a foreigner’. Just as the Prophet ﷺ and his Companions struggled through persecution and rejection in establishing God’s ﷻ community by staying true to their values and identity, so too must we...

The Pursuit of Knowledge: A Civilizational Mandate

Reflection delivered on December 9, 2016 In this critical Friday reflection, the Shaykh explains that our failure to seek knowledge on a regular basis is a departure from classical Islamic tradition and a dereliction of duty as evidenced from the traditions of the Prophet ﷺ and his Ṣaḥābah (companions) . As our personal and civilizational success lays in continual learning of...

Responding to an Unfavorable Political Climate

Reflection delivered on November 18, 2016 Click to Read Summary of this Reflection In light of recent political events, Shaykh Amin directs Muslims living in the US towards a simple but necessary notion – that now is the time to reconnect to our dīn, to recommit ourselves to the Prophetic message and to declare that we are Muslim. Although we...

“You Give Sovereignty to Whom You Will”: Placing Perspective on Recent Political Events

Reflection delivered on November 11, 2016 In this comforting Friday message, Shaykh Amin quells our fears by reminding the believers of who the True Sovereign is – the One ﷻ who gives supremacy to whomever He ﷻ wants, and debases whomever He ﷻ wants. While we must be vigilant for our safety in the current environment, the method and formula of our Prophet ﷺ...

A Believer’s Guide to Political Reform

A Believer’s Guide to Political Reform delivered on October 14th, 2016 As we become disillusioned in observing the upper echelon of this nation’s political leadership operate with incivility and a degree of insanity, Shaykh Amin turns our attention to the paradigm of Revelation, where Allah ﷻ has guided the Prophets to reform people on an individual level before reforming a ‘system’...

Seeking Divine Appreciation

Reflection delivered on September 12, 2016 (Eid al-Adha) In this scintillatingʿĪd al-Aḍḥā message, Shaykh Amin delves into the depths of the Blessed Hajj rituals – rituals which are borne out of devotional human acts and enveloped with Divine appreciation. As we commemorate and appreciate the devotion, love, sacrifice and obedience demonstrated by the Beloved family of Ibrāhīm during these days, we...

A Word of Glee From the Heavens

Reflection delivered by Shaykh Amin on July 5th, 2016 (Eid al-Fitr) On the day of ʿĪd al-Fiṭr , as Muslims may draw their attention towards the various forms of persecution occurring in the Muslim world here on Earth, our Prophet ﷺ invited his Ṣaḥābah (companions) and us to draw our attention to the Heavens, where the Angels have just announced...
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