Friday Reflections & Lectures

Islam is Complete

Reflection delivered on February 8th, 2019

Despite the proclivities afforded to us by modern intellectualism, Muslims must view Islam as religion that is ‘wholesome and complete’, free from any need to reform, supplement or complement. The Shaykh expounds on this notion by rebuking the trend from both within and outside the community to modify, reconfigure and rethink all elements of Islam. The Rasūl ﷺ came to deliver the Divine message as fact, and not something to theorize over.


Approaching the Shutdown by Opening the Qur’an

Reflection delivered on January 18th, 2019

As scores of people have been furloughed due to the government shut down, the Shaykh draws our attention to the relevancy of Allah’s ﷻ revelation in explaining our nation’s current reality. Furthermore, we are called to action of our own as Muslims living in a nation wrought with hunger and poverty.


‘Raḥmah’: Defined

Reflection delivered on January 11th, 2019

In this Friday reflection, Shaykh Amin takes us through the several layers of raḥmah manifested by Allah ﷻ and demonstrates that this concept is far and beyond the definition of ‘mercy’ which English speakers have become accustomed to. The true definition of raḥmah stretches to the cosmic levels and enacted by the loftiest of angels at the direct servitude of the Lord Himself.


The Mission Has Not Yet Begun

Reflection delivered on December 21st, 2018

As Muslims in the post-modern era, we must reevaluate the mission of the Prophet ﷺ‬ in light of the purpose of his nubuwwah, which is to achieve salvation for humanity. The Prophet’s ﷺ‬ primary purpose was not to achieve social reform, to create a political system or to uphold the rights of humanity, as is the orientalist view. Rather, it was a more comprehensive objective which must be viewed through the lens of risālah and not that of social justice. Thus it follows that any social work we conduct must be predicated upon our belief in Allah ﷻ‬ and the Last Day, not because it is a secular value. The Shaykh explains how this was the Prophet’s ﷺ‬ ultimate mission – one that will truly commence on the Day of Reckoning as the Mercy to the Worlds ﷺ‬ will intercede for each one of us.


The King is Calm

Reflection delivered on December 28th, 2018

In this Friday reflection, Shaykh Amin bifurcates Islam and Christianity as having two very distinct theologies and directs the Muslims to treat them as such, as we engage in truthful and unapologetic dialogues within our predominantly Christian communities. This notion is exemplified by Jaʿfar ibn Abī Tālib’s رضي الله عنه timeless and glorious introduction of Islam as presented to the King of Abyssinia upon the nascent community’s arrival at the ‘land of freedom’.


The Choices We Make

Reflection delivered on October 16th, 2018

In Islam, we have the freedom to make choices.  Each of these choices have an impact on us, our community, and upon our state in the Hereafter.  In this reflection, Shaykh Amin expounds on the concept of ‘choice’, and explains that a visionary Muslim will always make choices which benefit him in eternity, not just in this world.


The Imperative of ‘Shukr’ in Islam

Reflection delivered on November 23rd, 2018

The concept of ‘thankfulness’ is embedded within the Dīn of Islam and the teachings of our Prophet ﷺ. We give thanks multiple times a day, in one form or another, in acknowledgment of our very basic physical disposition as well as for the constant fulfillment of our needs. As Muslims, we extend our shukr one step further by being conscious, thankful, and prideful of the blessing of Islam and for being amongst the Ummah of the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ – as these particular blessings extend far beyond this world, into our graves and becomes the very reason for our entry into Jannah.


The Prophet ﷺ as our Ultimate Authority

Reflection delivered on October 12th, 2018

In this reflection, we are reminded by the Shaykh that despite our freedom of volition, we Muslims must maintain in our psyche that the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ is our guide and referee. In today’s time of moral anarchy and individualism, this notion that there exists an authority who possesses a higher understanding in each component of this life and the Hereafter must be maintained when presenting Islam to others.