Sūrah Qāf (50) Session 3

Even when we are alone, we are never really alone; there is always an angel to our right and an angel to our left. This is our ʿaqīdah.

Even the most beloved to Allāh, His Messenger (peace and blessings be upon him), had to face the pangs of death when his time came. Just as our delivery into this world was painful labor, our delivery into the world of the barzakh may be the same.

The pangs of death are felt by the soul, not the body.

The Rasūl brings truth and certainty, whereas the kāfir promotes doubt and speculation.

In this lecture:
  • Science and ʿAqīdah, and the undetectable beings that are always with us
  • The certainty of death, its pains, and how to spiritually prepare for it
  • The barzakh, the Day of Judgement, and human sense perception
  • Building a mindset and an agenda based on all planes of existence to come