Sūrah Qāf (50) Session 2

An aspect of Allāh’s mercy that we take for granted is that He not only gives us many gifts, but makes it easy for us to consume those gifts as well.

Allāh’s creativity is not limited; it is just as easy for him to bring mankind back to life in the Hereafter as it is for Him to bring life out of dead land in this world.

What always brought down the wrath of Allāh upon past nations was the rejection of the Messenger, the rejection of the human authority.

Part of our subconscious and our natural dispostion is that we always want new things; to deny new life in the Hereafter is to deny our fiṭrah.

The point of revelation is to learn to love Allāh, to have the comfort of knowing Him and knowing that He knows me, and that He will take care of me.

In this lecture:
  • The far-reaching effects of Allāh’s mercy through water
  • The means of rizq V.S. rizq that is consumed
  • The innovation of divorcing the Messenger from Islam
  • The ‘renewal’ found in all aspects of a Muslim’s life
  • The beginning of Iḥsān, and the false dichotomy of knowledge and spirituality