Sūrah Qāf (50) Session 1

The major contentions of the polytheists were with the idea of resurrection and with the role of a messenger ﷺ, a warner (mundhir).
Human beings feel that nothing can touch them.
Allah’s ﷻ power is beneficial because it is based on His eternal knowledge of everything, the macro and the micro.
Allah ﷻ keeps that (the unseen) a secret for the protection of human beings.
When you’ve made truth variable, and are constantly changing from one to another, without a fixed methodology of learning knowledge, then you are always confused. The truth has to be stable, it cannot be changing.
The human nafs is the same, whether it is Ādam or Dajjāl. The difference is that Allah’s Fadl ﷻ comes to Ādam, but it does not come to Dajjāl. So who is in control? Allah.
In this lecture:
  • the Quraysh’s reservations with the Rasūl ﷺ
  •  the Divine use of power
  • the world of the unseen
  • wahy and its expanding effect on human perception in the presence of imān
  • amr marīj (a confused state)
  • the addictive state of confusion amid the seduction of kufr
  • the makhlūq as a sign of the Khāliq
  • the Creative power in tauhīd