Note on Donations

Dear donors/patrons: AsSalaam ‘alaikum. Darul Qasim is always grateful for your support and duas. Recently, however, there have been a number of material donations being offered, mostly in the form of books and furniture. Darul Qasim does not accept books or furniture as donations. There are organizational guidelines around the procurement of all printed material as well as furniture and equipment. Needless to say, we always appreciate cash donations that we can divert toward areas needing financial support. If you would like your cash donation targeted to such an area, please note that along with your contribution, and we will do what we can to fulfil your request.

Again, we appreciate the sentiment and the honorable intention underlying these offers of help. We want you to know that that alone means a lot to us. Your duas are invaluable and your financial support is appreciated very much.

The Darul Qasim Administration