Eid Prayers During the Shelter-in-Place Order

In the Name of Allah, The Gracious, The Merciful

We praise and thank Allah Almighty for granting us the blessed month of Ramadan during this gloom. We hope and pray to Him that as He Almighty emancipates souls from the Fire during this month out of His sheer Mercy, that He frees us from this epidemic.

As we pass mid-Ramadan, there is an obvious anticipation for the day of Eid and questions about performing the Eid salat. Below are guidelines for Masjids and individuals for observing Eid.

Masjid Boards and Eid Committees

We do not recommend organizing public Eid salat[s] in Masjids, even if the congregations are under ten people. Considering the Muslim population and the current state of emotions, restricting attendees from entering the masjid as and when they wish for Eid salat may very possibly lead to conflict.


Individuals who are able to meet the requirement for the validity of Eid salat should make private arrangements. The requirement of Eid salat is simply to have a congregation of at least four adult males including the imam.

Afflicted Individuals

May Allah cure all those who are afflicted by the epidemic. They are obligated to practice upon social distancing guidelines given by medical experts. InshaAllah they will be immensely rewarded for their patience and compliance.

Method of Eid Salat and Khuṭbah

  • Eid salat is two rakʿat[s] with six extra takbīr[s]
  • The Imam will raise his hands, say Allahu Akbar, fold his hands, and recite the thanāʾ. This is the takbīr taḥrīmah, not an extra takbīr of Eid. The congregants will follow suit.
  • The Imam will say three extra takbīr[s] while raising his hands. He will not fold his hands in the first two. At the end of the third takbīr, the imam will fold his hands. The congregants will follow in each step.
  • The imam will recite Fātiḥah and a sūrah. The rest of the salat will be performed as normal.
  • Once the imam finishes with recitation of Fātiḥah and a sūrah in the second rakʿat, before going into rukūʿ he will say Allahu Akbar three times, lifting his hands then dropping them to the sides after each takbīr. Upon the fourth takbīr, he will go into rukūʿ.
  • The rest of the salat will be performed as normal.
  • After the salat, the imam should perform the khuṭbah. The khuṭbah is sunnat, it is not a requirement for the validity of the Eid salat.
  • The imam will deliver two khuṭbah[s] sitting briefly between both of them. He may say the following thrice in each khuṭbah:
    الله أكبر الله أكبر، لا إله إلا الله والله أكبر، الله أكبر ولله الحمد

We urge everyone to turn their attention towards Allah in these final days of Ramadan. Sincere ʿibādah and duʿāʾ are stronger than any virus. May He accept our ʿibādah and grant us ʿāfiyah.

Darul Iftāʾ, Darul Qasim