Darul Qasim’s Position on the Moral and Legal Obligations for Muslims Regarding Sexual Crimes
December 15, 2014
There seems to be much confusion about cases and matters pertaining to allegations of sexual crimes and the Muslim community’s treatment of the accused and the accuser.  The following is a response to a specific inquiry about such matters that Darul Qasim has received. This article is intended to offer general guidelines to the Muslim community according to our understanding of Muslim law. The position taken in this article is consistent with the beliefs and values held by the leadership at Darul Qasim.
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The Night Of Baraat Allah Ta’ala has afforded His bondsmen certain selected opportunities whereby they may reap his infinite mercy and forgiveness. Some explicit examples of these occasions are the month of Ramadan and Laylatul Qadr.The night of the fifteenth of Sh`abaan is one such opportunity…
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