Hope and Belief in Allah’s ﷻ Reward – Ramadan 1, 1443 Post-Tarāwīh Reflection

On the first night of Ramaḍān, Shaykh Amin shared  some  post-tarāwīḥ reflections on the immense reward that is accessible to all during this blessed month. He reminded all who were present that Allah is the Most Generous Being, al-Karīm, and that He loves us to ask Him to fulfill our needs. This month should be entered by every believing person with great hope and certainty that Allah will reward us for our ʿibādah (worship). 

The recitation of Qurʾān is always noble ʿibādah. However, in Ramaḍān the recitation of it in tarāwīḥ adds increased value. Ḥuffaẓ wait for this month to review what they have memorized and recite. Many of us wait for this opportunity to listen to the Qurʾān in Ṣalāh and the reward here is immense as well. Reciting the Qurʾān in Ṣalāh has more reward than reciting it outside of Ṣalāh. To perform these acts of ʿibādah is one step, equally important is to stand in Ramaḍān with īmān and belief that Allah will reward us. Hope is a great part of our tradition and part of our īmān, if you do not have hope your  īmān is lacking.    

“We should expect more reward when we listen to the Qurʾān in tarāwīḥ…we should expect it!”

In terms of understanding reward, we must know that every action has an effect in this world, in the grave, in the maḥshar (plains of resurrection), and in Jannah (paradise). Thawab (reward), literally means something that comes back to you, something that returns. The belief that every action will be rewarded is a part of one’s knowledge. Every action is detailed in the Qurʾān and Sunnah and the Prophet invigorated the Ṣaḥābah by informing them of all the types of rewards that Allah has in store. When the Ṣaḥābah heard which actions were rewarding they did more of those actions. However, the reward for fasting is not known. 

“Allah says about fasting, that it is for me and I will give the reward personally. This gives a person more love and desire to fast and to worship Allah .”   

Shaykh Amin concluded by calling attention to how Allah teaches us in the Qurʾān what to ask. Additionally, the Prophet teaches us what to ask and how to ask, so that we can ask Allah to fulfill all of our needs. His Generosity is beyond comprehension and we should never be afraid to ask Him , rather we should fear not asking. For not asking is a sign that He is not happy with us. Not asking is displaying a lack of ʾadab (respect) and arrogance in front of Allah . We must show ʾadab and humble ourselves in front of Allah.

Reflection delivered April 2nd, 2022