Chapter 11: Sūrah Hūd

Sūrah Hūd , Chapter 11 Verse(s): 1-7 presented on 1/25/09

After a brief introduction to the progression from Sūrah Yūnus into Sūrah Hūd, the Shaykh begins a commentary on the opening verses of Sūrah Hūd. Shaykh Amin points out why the mention of Allah’s ﷻ attribute of ‘al-Khabīr’ (The All-Knowing) gives rise to the command to turn to Allah ﷻ in repentance. “…Human beings must not assume that they are the only species Allah ﷻ cares about; Allah ﷻ cares about every species he creates…”

Sūrah Hūd , Chapter 11 Verse(s): 8-17 presented on 2/1/09

Shaykh Amin starts the session with a warning against the shallow thinking that plagues Muslim communities: belief in Allah ﷻ does not peace and comfort in this world, but rather peace in the hereafter. Even the Prophet ﷺ had to endure great difficulties during his worldly life. We are reminded of the Prophetic saying: “Richness is measured by how rich you are in your heart”.

Sūrah Hūd , Chapter 11 Verse(s): 18-44 presented on 2/15/09

The session begins with a reminder of the dire consequences of lying against Allah ﷻ. Shaykh Amin underscores the similarities between the defiant attitude of the Quraysh with that of the people of the earlier Prophets (AS). The session ends with the miraculous story of Nūḥ (AS).

Sūrah Hūd , Chapter 11 Verse(s): 45-60 presented on 2/22/09

The next few verses offer up valuable lessons, among which Shaykh Amin focuses on one in particular, that is, even for the Prophets (AS), salvation was reserved only for those who were related to the Prophet (AS) by faith. The faith-based family is more magnified in Allah’s ﷻ eyes. The story of Hūd (AS) unfolds in subsequent verses.

Sūrah Hūd , Chapter 11 Verse(s): 61-76 presented on 3/1/09

The story of Ṣāliḥ (AS) follows, the Prophet sent to the Thamūd, a people of great skill and economic strength, who defied the Truth and met a calamitous end. The session ends with the story of Ibrāhīm (AS) and his Angel visitors.

Surah Hud , Chapter 11 Verse(s): 77-95 presented on 3/8/09

This session begins with an introduction to the story of Lūṭ (AS), and an analysis of the difficult predicament he faced on the day the Angels visited him. Shaykh Amin offers a word of advice to Muslims struggling to raise their children in a liberal society. Questions were taken mid-session on the topic of homosexuality in Islam, and a discussion ensued on the predicament of Muslim activists in this regard. The session closed with the verses narrating the story of Shuʿaīb (AS) and the people of Madyan.

Sūrah Hūd , Chapter 11 Verse(s): 96-113 presented on 3/15/09

The Prophet ﷺ said about Sūrah Hūd: “This sūrah has made me an old man.” Shaykh Amin begins a conclusion of the sūrah with the closing verses, and recapitulates the powerful message behind the narrative accounts in it.

Sūrah Hūd , Chapter 11 Verse(s): 114-123 presented on 3/22/09

This session concludes the sūrah. The closing verses of the sūrah offer up advice and a reminder “to the mindful” to exert themselves to do good because “good deeds annul bad deeds”.