Chapter 10: Sūrah Yūnus

Sūrah Yūnus , Chapter 10 Verse(s): 1-6 presented on 10/5/08

In this session, Shaykh Amin provides an introduction to this sūrah and comments on its central theme. Those who are given revelation from Allah ﷻ are assigned two duties… to warn people against the perils and disasters of using their intellect wrongfully (in a way that is against the truth and revelation)… and secondly to warn people against the actions that will lead them to their own disaster…

Sūrah Yūnus , Chapter 10 Verse(s): 6-13 presented on 10/26/08

The central theme of these verses is that all things go through cycles of change, the only thing that should remain constant is our faith and trust in Allah ﷻ. The human impulse that arises from being a part of creation must be a yearning to meet the Creator ﷻ; and finally, that Allah ﷻ does not bring his punishment upon a people, rather He gives them time to reflect, and that is from His ﷻ divine justice.

Sūrah Yūnus , Chapter 10 Verse(s): 14-20 presented on 11/2/08

Shaykh Amin uses these verses to remind us of the teaching of the Prophet ﷺ that the Muslim ummah must be treated as a whole nation spanning all of time: “…the Muslim community is one, an organic whole, from the time of the Prophet ﷺ all the way up to the last Muslim prior to the coming of the Day of Judgment…” Muslims do not condemn their leadership or their predecessors. The session also includes a detailed discussion of the dangers of misrepresenting one’s faith.

Sūrah Yūnus , Chapter 10 Verse(s): 21-28 presented on 11/9/08

The session opens with a reminder that it is as important for man to remember Allah ﷻ in times of ease as it is to remember Him ﷻ in times of distress. Shaykh Amin elaborates on the profound analogy in verse 24 summarizing it in a simple lesson: “…use your time here on earth so that you harvest enough provision to take with you when you die…”

Sūrah Yūnus , Chapter 10 Verse(s): 29-37 presented on 11/16/08

Shaykh Amin interprets the next few verses as an affirmation of Allah’s ﷻ Lordship over man. In front of Allah ﷻ, on the platform of divine justice, when everything is laid out plainly before man, then no doubt will remain about Allah’s ﷻ Might and Greatness. The Shaykh comments on the reasons for the intimidating proposition put forth through these verses that on the Day of Judgment, man’s entire life will be an open book.

Sūrah Yūnus , Chapter 10 Verse(s): 37-45 presented on 11/23/08

The Qurʾān confirms its authenticity with a challenge to those who do not believe it. “…the Qurʾān’s ability to benefit you surpasses life itself…”

Sūrah Yūnus , Chapter 10 Verse(s): 46-56 presented on 12/7/08

Shaykh Amin resumes the discussion on the divine justice of Allah ﷻ. He analyzes these verses from the perspective of clarifying Allah’s ﷻ Justice with respect to making man aware of His ﷻ Oneness.

Sūrah Yūnus , Chapter 10 Verse(s): 57-60 presented on 12/14/08

“If there is any one thing that the Muslim ummah can be proud about and boast of, it is Allah’s ﷻ ‘faḍl (grace) and His ‘raḥmah’ (mercy)… these are two qualities of Allah ﷻ that Muslims should be proud of…”. Shaykh Amin elaborates on the wisdom of these verses, and spells out a simple recipe to be happy and lead a fulfilling life.

Sūrah Yūnus , Chapter 10 Verse(s): 61-70 presented on 12/28/08

Shaykh Amin dwells on the meaning of Verse 61, and how it leads directly into the statement in verse 62. He qualifies the depth and the power of ‘wilāyah’ or ‘friendship’ with Allah ﷻ. “…when people are close to Allah ﷻ, they do not become insensitive to the needs of others…”

Sūrah Yūnus , Chapter 10 Verse(s): 71-86 presented on 1/4/09

The story of Nūḥ (AS) is revisited in the opening verse of this session with a reminder that when divine retribution or justice comes down to earth, there are rules of the physical world that are kept intact. The next several verses relate the story of Mūsā (AS) and the Pharaoh’s magicians. Shaykh Amin brings out the similarities in the ‘daʿwah’ (propagation of faith) of Mūsā (AS) and Nūḥ (AS).

Sūrah Yūnus , Chapter 10 Verse(s): 87-100 presented on 1/11/09

Shaykh Amin re-emphasizes the underlying theme of this Sūrah – the Divine justice of Allah ﷻ – and contrasts the stark differences between the story of the Pharaoh and that of the people of Yūnus (AS).

Sūrah Yūnus , Chapter 10 Verse(s): 101-109 presented on 1/18/09

“…if you are going to marvel at creation, you must draw a link from creation to the Creator ﷻ – that is called Belief…”. In the closing verses of this chapter, Shaykh Amin emphasizes the all encompassing power of Allah ﷻ Who manages the macroscopic and the microscopic affairs of all beings and things.