Waḥy is Water”:  Facilitating & Distributing Waḥy-Based Education in North America and Beyond  

“Water is knowledge.  It removes ignorance and gives life to the dead intellect.  Allah ﷻ has given this metaphor to the ummah, which the ummah has truly exploited to its furthest.  The ummah has developed knowledge, built madāris, and written books.  And they teach through the oral tradition.”

-Shaykh Amin Kholwadia

The scholarship and stewardship of Shaykh Amin Kholwadia takes on the very properties of water.  A water that we come to understand through waḥy (revelation).  The knowledge of waḥy contains the capacity to give life and sustain it in a way that revives one spiritually.  The breadth and depth of his vision and mission come to life within the tapestry that is Darul Qasim College, an institution that is rooted in an oral, living tradition which goes back to the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ.  

With great resolve and hope, Shaykh Amin places the ummah at the epicenter of the efforts you see flowing from beneath the willow tree.  While the willow tree is rooted in the soil of the Midwest, its branches now extend into North Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, and California highlighting the breadth and depth of the mission and vision.  Alongside this growth, accessibility to waḥy-based education is critical.  

This Ramadan, we invite you to become a part of facilitating and distributing waḥy-based education through your generous donations.  Your financial contributions will go towards:

  • Growing our departments through hiring more faculty and allocating resources to the curricular and pedagogical developments
  • Completing renovations, creating a space where we can host colloquiums, seminars, and international conferences  
  • Endowing chairs for Dār al–Iftāʾ, Dār al-Tafsīr, Dār al-Ḥadīth, Dār al-Qiraʾat, Dār al-Kalām and Dār al-Sīra
  • Bridging the gap between secular professionals and traditional scholars in showcasing how Islam adds value to every aspect of life
  • Facilitating Darul Qasim to become the gold-standard of Islamic scholarship, globally

Without waḥy, our hearts, minds, and by extension our communities and institutions become barren and hard, stifling growth, creativity, and a hope-centered existence.  Join us in transforming individuals, communities, and societies through the transformative power of waḥy that gushes forth like water.

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