Selflessness Serving Divine Knowledge

Inside the classrooms of Darul Qasim College,  one witnesses an academic environment that fits the noble task of imparting Divine Knowledge.  Shaykh Amin frequently reminds faculty, “they (seeker’s of knowledge) are guests of the Prophet ﷺ and this cannot be taken lightly.”  Traditional Muslim scholars of the past and present have placed great emphasis on the teacher-student relationship.

Mawlana Abdurrehman Haji, Lecturer in the Department of Hadith, is no different. He gives us a very intimate glimpse into the teaching methodology of one of his teacher’s, the late Shaykh Yunus Jawnpuri. Shaykh Yunus’s teaching style and precise practice of the sunnah lives inside the walls of Darul Qasim College through the teaching of his student, Mawlana Abdurrehman.

Mawlana Abdurrehman reminds us of one of the many lessons he learned from the likes of Shaykh Yunus and all the mashāyikh of Saharanpur:  “The practice of selflessness in serving Divine Knowledge to those who seek it.” O seeker, O visitor, O well-wisher, enter into Darul Qasim College where scholars of the Islamic Intellectual tradition,  past, present, and future, decorate the hallways and corridors with a selfless service in the quest for more knowledge.