Attracting Allah’s Blessings and Pleasure

We never really do things to appease or cater to any group or individual. We always cater to what Allah ﷻ wants and do things in a way that will attract His ﷻ blessings and pleasure.

Darul Qasim College Board Member, Naheed Hashmi, provides this very clear and concise articulation of the Islamic mindset that is responsible for the sustained and continued growth of  the institution. In this context, niyya and a’māl are the tools employed to procure Allah’s ﷻ blessings and pleasure.

Join Naheed, as she uses this mindset to illustrate her contributions and the contributions of the many women working in various capacities towards building an institutional infrastructure that can not only withstand the test of time, but also continue to grow and expand. She seamlessly weaves together a narrative that does not center women’s roles, but rather places them amidst their male counterparts to shed light on the diverse collectivity that works behind the scenes to bring you the Darul Qasim College that you see today!