“You Give Sovereignty to Whom You Will”: Placing Perspective on Recent Political Events

Reflection delivered on November 11, 2016

In this comforting Friday message, Shaykh Amin quells our fears by reminding the believers of who the True Sovereign is – the One ﷻ who gives supremacy to whomever He ﷻ wants, and debases whomever He ﷻ wants. While we must be vigilant for our safety in the current environment, the method and formula of our Prophet ﷺ during turbulent times was never to panic – rather, it has been to increase our supererogatory ʿibādah (worship) and to further strengthen our relationship with Allah ﷻ. The extent to which we define our existence in this country as less for materialism, and more for giving, we will see the help of Allah ﷻ near.

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