Sūrah Qāf (50) Session 5

Ṣabr is a dormant ability within every believer which Allāh seeks that he awaken and utilize, especially in calling others towards good.

Success in calling others towards good is found in the inward act of patience and the outward act of making tasbīḥ of Allāh and imploring Him.

Tasbīḥ not only attracts the tawfīq of Allāh in this world, but, at the same time, it also faciliates our success in the Hereafter; the Sunnah teaches us how to be successful in all phases of existence.

Ṣabr is a prerequisite to any field of Islamic work, whether one is a teacher, invovled in leadership, invovled in daʿwah, etc.; you cannot learn it on the job.

Just as easy as it is for Allāh to gather all of humanity in one place on Qiyāmah, it is easy for Him to gather all of us on guidance in this dunya.

In this lecture:
  • the power of ṣabr in the arsenal of the believer
  • the necessity of combining outward tasbīḥ with inward patience
  • how to plan for success factoring in multiple phases of existence
  • the importance of acknowledging the truth and adhering to it
  • how this sūrah comes around full circle with how it began