The Mission Has Not Yet Begun

Reflection delivered on December 21st, 2018

As Muslims in the post-modern era, we must reevaluate the mission of the Prophet ﷺ‬ in light of the purpose of his nubuwwah, which is to achieve salvation for humanity. The Prophet’s ﷺ‬ primary purpose was not to achieve social reform, to create a political system or to uphold the rights of humanity, as is the orientalist view. Rather, it was a more comprehensive objective which must be viewed through the lens of risālah and not that of social justice. Thus it follows that any social work we conduct must be predicated upon our belief in Allah ﷻ‬ and the Last Day, not because it is a secular value. The Shaykh explains how this was the Prophet’s ﷺ‬ ultimate mission – one that will truly commence on the Day of Reckoning as the Mercy to the Worlds ﷺ‬ will intercede for each one of us.