Towards an Islamic Philosophy of Artificial Intelligence – (10/22)

Disclaimer: All views expressed in this presentation are those of the speaker and do not necessarily represent the teachings, views, and opinions of Darul Qasim.

Towards an Islamic Philosophy of Artificial Intelligence

Mawlana Uwais Iqbal

Sunday, October 22nd at 12:15PM CDT

No registration required – live on YouTube (see stream below)


This talk aims to help develop an understanding of Artificial Intelligence (AI) from the Islamic tradition. Program will shed light on the discussions and debates in the philosophy of AI. These discussions connect with adjacent topics in ʿIlm al-kalām and Islamic philosophy (falsafa) about ‘aql, semantics, the mind etc. 


Mawlana Uwais Iqbal holds a BSc and MSc in Physics from Imperial College London, an MA in Islamic Studies from the School of Oriental and African Studies, and an MA in Philosophy from King’s College London. He has also completed a traditional Dars-e-Nizami ‘Aalimiyyah degree from Jamia Siraaj Ul Uloom in London and has spent a number of years under the supervision of scholars in Istanbul and at Darul Qasim specialising in the Islamic rational sciences. He now lectures in Islamic theology at Jamia Siraaj Ul Uloom and Hafs Academy in London. Uwais is also an AI practitioner with over half a decade’s worth of experience building AI systems at leading startups and a corporate innovation lab. He is the Founder & CEO of simplexico – The Legal AI Consultancy and a recognised thought leader in Legal AI working with law firms across the globe.

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