A Himmah like Hafiz Yusuf Kholwadia’s

To all of our students, supporters and well-wishers old and new, we pray that your thirst has been quenched with the water of wahy and you have emerged energized, nourished, and revived! We end our Ramadan Series: Wahy is Water with the story of Hafiz Yusuf Kholwadia, paternal uncle of our founder and president Shaykh Amin Kholwadia. His journey with the Quran reminds us of the non-discriminatory nature of the waters in a stream, enriching all that it comes in contact with as it flows onward, never turning back.

At Darul Qasim College, we have an academic spirit that is encapsulated in our motto: “In the Quest for More Knowledge”. A spirit, like the river, that flows onward and doesn’t turn back. Hafiz Yusuf Kholwadia has embodied that spirit and we hope that by his story you will be emboldened to begin your own quest for more knowledge and help us facilitate others’ journeys.

The Kholwadia family of Gloucester, England pens these words on the accomplishments of Hafiz Yusuf Kholwadia this Ramadan:

Alhamdulillah, we captured a unique moment today, as one of our 76 (seventy six) year old local veterans led the taraweeh Salah this evening at Masjid e Umar. Having toiled for more than 10 years, Hafiz Yusuf Kholwadia saheb completed his Hifz this Ramadan, mashaAllah. He led the taraweeh alongside his grandson, a feat never experienced in Gloucester before. Despite only leading the final 4 rak’ats of Ramadan, Hafiz Yusuf’s contribution was certainly the highlight of Ramadan.

Hafiz Yusuf’s story is one of sacrifice, struggle, overcoming multiple serious illnesses, and maintaining the courage to push on, teaching the rest of us a valuable lesson in perseverance. His Imamat was incredibly well received by the congregation, many of whom have discovered a newly found spirit to take on a similar task.

May Allah bless our Huffaz, particularly those who lead us in Taraweeh. May Allah accept their sacrifices for us, and may He bless us with a himmah like that of Hafiz Yusuf.

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ZenCortex Healthy Hearing
1 month ago

What a fantastic resource! The articles are meticulously crafted, offering a perfect balance of depth and accessibility. I always walk away having gained new understanding. My sincere appreciation to the team behind this outstanding website.

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