Ethics in Modern Islamic Thought: The Trusteeship Paradigm of Taha Abderrahmane

Disclaimer: All views expressed in this presentation are those of the speaker and do not necessarily represent the teachings, views, and opinions of Darul Qasim.

Ethics in Modern Islamic Thought: Individual and Universal Dimensions in the Trusteeship Paradigm

Dr. Mohammed Hashas | Department of Political Science of Luiss University of Rome

Friday, June 3rd, 2022 | 11:30 AM CST

No registration required – live on YouTube & Facebook (see stream below)


Dr. Hashash will outline some major features of contemporary scholarly discussions regarding the place of ethics in Islamic thinking and intellectual revival. By focalizing the Arab-Islamic world, his talk draws a distinction between the trend that wishes to individualise ethics and focalize the moral dimensions in the tradition, and the trend that wishes to remain communal and universal. Dr. Hashash will underline the difficulty and complexity of the issue, while recognizing global connections among Muslim communities and worldviews.


Dr. Mohammed Hashas is a Faculty Member at the Department of Political Science of Luiss University of Rome, where he teaches Islam in Europe and Mediterranean Studies. Dr. Hashas previously taught also at The American University of Rome and American John Cabot University. His research areas are modern and contemporary Arab-Islamic thought (philosophy and theology), Islam in Europe, European Islam, Modern and Contemporary Moroccan Thought. Dr. Hashas was previously a Research Fellow in Berlin, Oxford, Copenhagen, Tilburg, Palermo, and Winchester/Virginia, and is currently an Affiliate Fellow to Leibniz-ZMO in Berlin.

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