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Spring 2023

January 15 to June 4

Class meets once a week for one hour a week


Men (Sundays 8AM GST)

Women (Sundays, 8AM GST)

INT-LAW198: Islamic Law, al-Qudūrī [English-Medium]


The purpose of this course is to textually (through the instructor’s translation) learn one’s fiqh thoroughly according to the hanafi madhhab using Imam al-Qudūrī’s (d. 428/1036) al-Mukhtaṣar with a focus on contextual situations and scenarios.

Course Description

The course consists of a detailed study of Imam al-Qudūrī’s (d. 428/1036) al-Mukhtaṣar, introducing students to masāʾil (legal cases) in all abwāb fiqhiyyah (juristic chapters). Within the Hanafi school, al-Mukhtaṣar is known simply as al-Kitāb (The Book) due to its immense influence and authority. The text is distinguished by the clarity of its language, and by being concise and comprehensive at the same time. A proper study of this text will allow students to recall and retain all of the core legal rulings in the school.

Course Outline

Imam al-Qudūrī’s al-Mukhtaṣar is divided into two main sections: al-Ibādat (worship) and al-Mu’ammalāt (dealings).  Through the Spring, Summer and Fall 2023 semesters, the instructor will provide translations, terminologies and detailed explanations of each chapter within the Ibadat section of the text.  Large portions of the classes will be dedicated to student questions and contextual scenarios related to each chapter.

Student Expectations

Students will be provided with references, terminologies, and periodic handouts.  Live session class attendance is required.  Classes will be recorded for students unable to attend one-off sessions.  Students are required to engage with the instructor in discussions during the live sessions.  There are no specific preparations required for attending the live sessions.  A review of terminologies and notes from the previous classes is highly recommended.  Students will periodically be asked questions and orally assessed during the live sessions.  Online assessments will be provided and a “P” (Passing) grade will be issued at the end of the semester for attendance, review sessions and completion of the assessments.

This course is taught by:
Ustadh Ahmad Ali (instructor for men)
Ustadha Bushra Alvi (instructor for ladies)

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Course Fees

Course Fee
Islamic Law, al-Qudūrī [English-Medium]

$300 for semester

($75/month for 4 months)