The Data Economy, Privacy and Rationality

Dislcaimer: All views expressed in this presentation are those of the speaker and do not necessarily represent the teachings, views, and opinions of Darul Qasim.

The Data Economy, Privacy and Rationality

Dr. Idris Adjerid | Virginia Tech

Friday, September 25th 2020 | 8:00 PM CDT | Live on Darul Qasim’s YouTube channel


Data seems to be everywhere these days. This data fuels the powerful algorithms that are shaping the way we communicate, what we purchase, who we vote for, and even who we love.  Given the growing impact of these data and technologies, an important balancing act is emerging: how do we balance the benefits we enjoy from these data with the risks to our privacy and autonomy? Currently, much of the onus of managing these complex tradeoffs are on us (consumers), and we are assumed to act in a rational and self-interested manner. Dr. Adjerid will discuss how this assumption breaks down with online use and the implications on our own wellbeing and autonomy. Given the dearth of ethical frameworks for navigating the moral dilemmas in this space, perspectives on the viewpoints of Islamic jurisprudence with respect to these issues will be discussed.


Idris Adjerid is an associate professor in Business Information Technology at the Pamplin College of Business at Virginia Tech. His research focuses on the economics of privacy, with a particular interest in the intersection of behavioral economics and privacy decision-making. His research has been published in leading journals and his work and expert commentary have been cited by numerous outlets in the popular press, including The New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, the Washington Post, Wired, Politico, and USA Today. He received his PhD in information systems and management from Carnegie Mellon University.

Dr. Adjerid is of Algerian descent and has received training in Maliki jurisprudence and spirituality from his parents and Shaykh Mukhtar Maghraoui. His father, Slimane Adjerid, is a noted mathematician and a frequent commentator on Nawawi’s Riyadatu al-Sālihīn and ibn ʿAṭā Allāh al-Iskandarī’s Hikam. Dr. Adjerid currently functions as the President of the Islamic Society of the New River Valley (ISNRV) which has been serving the Muslim community in Southern Virginia for decades.

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