Chapter 60: Sūrat al-Mumtaḥinah

Sūrat al-Mumtaḥinah, Chapter 60 Verse(s): 1-6 presented on June 1,2008

Shaykh Amin talks at length about the implications of the very first verse of this chapter. He explains the importance of keeping the Muslim community in check and ensuring it is not corrupted by subtle outside forces that can erode the essentials of the Faith. “The Muslim family is more important than the tribal family.”

Sūrat al-Mumtaḥinah, Chapter 60 Verse(s): 7-11 presented on June 8,2008

‘Allah ﷻ loves those who treat people kindly and justly’. This theme is at the heart of these verses. Shaykh Amin expands on these verses and clarifies the peaceful stance that Muslims ought to assume living in a non-Muslim Western society. This session has some very interesting insights from the Shaykh on social and political issues in Fiqh.

Sūrat al-Mumtaḥinah, Chapter 60 Verse(s): 12-13 presented on 6/15/08

Shaykh Amin concludes this chapter by sharing some insights and examples on the institution of ‘bayʿah’ (the oath of allegiance). The session ends with some words on the litmus test of belief in the ‘ākhirah’ (hereafter).