Chapter 18: Sūrat al-Kahf

Sūrat al-Kahf , Chapter 18 Verse(s): 1-5 presented on 2/20/11

Whereas Sūrat al-Isrāʾ emphasized Allah’s ﷻ honoring of the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ, this Sūrah (Al-Kahf) talks to Allah’s ﷻ favors upon ordinary folk who are worthy of His ﷻ favors. Shaykh Amin comments on the significance and importance of this sūrah, its placement in the Qurʾān, and the powerful and transformative impact it has on those who recite it, and more so, on those who strive to understand it.

Sūrat al-Kahf , Chapter 18 Verse(s): 6-12 presented on 3/13/11

Allah ﷻ reminds the Prophet ﷺ to convey the message with constancy and make ʿduʿāʾ’ (supplication) for the guidance of those whom he called to Islam, but never to be consumed by the passionate and arduous efforts put into it. <i>‘Nubūwwah’</i> is not result-driven.;The first few verses of this Sūrah prepare the reader for the fascinating story of the Companions of the Cave. Allah’s ﷻ pleasure with His ﷻ servants is infinitely more beautiful than the splendor He ﷻ has decorated His ﷻ creation with. Shaykh Amin comments on the miraculous timing of this Sūrah’s revelation.

Sūrat al-Kahf , Chapter 18 Verse(s): 13-22 presented on 3/20/11

Causing oneself to be deprived of the truth is the greatest injustice, the ultimate Truth being <i>tawḥīd</i> (monotheism). It was an acute awareness of this level of injustice that drove the young men of the cave to their seclusion.

Sūrat al-Kahf , Chapter 18 Verse(s): 23-28 presented on 3/27/11

Allah ﷻ is not bound to our limits of hope and reason, the Prophetic way is to always be cognizant of Allah’s ﷻ Absolute Power and Dominion over all things.

Sūrat al-Kahf , Chapter 18 Verse(s): 29-44 presented on 4/3/11

Shaykh Amin elaborates on the details surrounding the punishments for disbelief and the rewards for belief. Just as we exert ourselves for the fickle securities of this world, we are encouraged by these verses to exert ourselves in order to attain the everlasting security of the Hereafter. The discussion extends back into the extremely trying predicament of the sleepers of the cave when they made the conscious choice to give themselves up in total submission to Allah ﷻ.

Sūrat al-Kahf , Chapter 18 Verse(s): 45-53 presented on 4/17/11

Good deeds that endure are better than reliance on worldly acquisitions. Man is so heedless and so occupied with the beauty of the ‘dunyā’ (worldly life), and is completely unprepared for the level of comprehensiveness with which he will be taken to account. “The world has a role to play in our lives, but our lives are not limited to this world”.

Sūrat al-Kahf , Chapter 18 Verse(s): 54-59 presented on 5/8/11

One of the greatest forms of injustice that one can mete out to oneself is to ignore or disregard the signs of Allah ﷻ with impunity.

Sūrat al-Kahf , Chapter 18 Verse(s): 60-82 presented on 5/15/11

This session opens up the beautiful story of Mūsā (AS) and al-Khiḍr (AS). Shaykh Amin draws out various lessons from the story, among them one of the most essential prerequisites to the acquisition of knowledge, namely the ‘ādāb’ (etiquette) of seeking it out.

Sūrat al-Kahf (cont’d) presented on 5/22/11

Shaykh Amin draws out more profound wisdoms from the story of Mūsā (AS) and al-Khiḍr. In this session, he shares fascinating parallels between the three incidents that transpire while Mūsā (AS) is in the company of al-Khiḍr and three remarkably analogous incidents that marked turning points in the life of Mūsā (AS) himself. Man is incapable of encompassing true knowledge within the confines of time and space.

Sūrat al-Kahf , Chapter 18 Verse(s): 83-99 presented on 6/5/11

In this session, Shaykh Amin shares insights into the story of Dhu-l-Qarnayn – the mighty leader who had tremendous abilities to protect and serve.

Sūrat al-Kahf , Chapter 18 Verse(s): 100-106 presented on 6/12/11

The closing verses of Al-Kahf shine a beacon of light upon the nature of acts that lead to ‘bidʿah’ (innovation). These verses highlight the loss that some people find themselves in because of their excessive exertion in ways they think are pleasing to Allah ﷻ, but in actuality they are not.

Sūrat al-Kahf , Chapter 18 Verse(s): 107-109 presented on 6/19/11

The Prophet ﷺ will greet the members of his ummah into Paradise at the ‘Ḥawḍ al-Kawthar‘.

Sūrat al-Kahf , Concluded presented on 6/26/11

This ‘āyah’ (verse 110) sums up the role of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ, and by extension, everything that one needs to know about Islam.