Chapter 13: Sūrat al-Raʿd

Sūrat al-Raʿd , Chapter 13 Verse(s): 1-5 presented on 8/2/09

Shaykh Amin introduces the Sūrah, elaborating on its opening verses, and explaining the reminder that the Muslim ought to believe in the certainty of a meeting with his Lord (i.e. the certainty of death). “For a Muslim, it is about surviving death, not avoiding it.”. The session concludes with a discourse on the unity-in-diversity inherent in the signs of Allah’s ﷻ Divine Creativity.

Sūrat al-Raʿd , Chapter 13 Verse(s): 6-13 presented on 8/9/09

These verses summarize, in divine eloquence, first, the macroscopic <i>amr</i> (command) of Allah ﷻ and second, the microscopic <i>amr</i> of Allah ﷻ. The infinite mercy of Allah ﷻ precludes Him ﷻ from holding His ﷻ Majestic Self to the standards of petty human justice; He ﷻ oversees the faults of humans in accordance with His ﷻ Wisdom and Will.

Sūrat al-Raʿd , Chapter 13 Verse(s): 14-18 presented on 8/16/09

Shaykh Amin begins the session by elaborating on the opening verse that clarifies the command to supplicate to Allah ﷻ with <i>tawheed</i>. In the verses that follow, he discusses the hidden meanings behind the similes put forth in those verses.

Sūrat al-Raʿd , Chapter 13 Verse(s): 19-23 presented on 8/23/09

The verses of this session outline a dichotomy in the outlook of man – those who recognize the Truth as it comes from their Lord, and those who do not.

Sūrat al-Raʿd , Chapter 13 Verse(s): 24-29 presented on 8/30/09

Shaykh Amin dwells on the arrogance in man (explicit or implicit) when he demands signs from Allah ﷻ. It is in lowering our standards in this life that we open ourselves to divine guidance and lasting tranquility.

Sūrat al-Raʿd , Chapter 13 Verse(s): 30-37 presented on 9/27/09

These verses provide an insight into the degree of Allah’s ﷻ support for the Prophet ﷺ and the inevitable doom awaiting those those who plot against the cause of the Prophet ﷺ. The session ends with a clarification on the ‘āyāt’ (verses) of the Qurʾān that are explicit commands versus those that interpretable at different levels.

Sūrat al-Raʿd , Chapter 13 Verse(s): 38-43 presented on 10/4/09

Shaykh Amin concludes this Sūrah with a close look at the Islamic understanding of destiny.