Ascension of the Believer – Part I

Mufti Hisham Dawood
Liaison, Department of Islamic Law

Mawlana Arif Kamal
Liaison, Department of Qurʾānic Studies and Recitation

Part I: Nov 21, 2015
Part II: April 23, 2016
Glendale Heights Campus

In this two-part series of workshops, Darul Qasim faculty members, Mufti Hisham and Mawlana Arif taught essential worship discourses related to prayer – the prerequisite and requisite rulings according to the Qurʿān and Sunnah were thoroughly explained.

An in-depth analysis of the ayah for the establishment of wuḍū is discussed explaining some of the main proofs of how these rulings were established. Along with wuḍū, details associated with tayammum and an aim to understand the conditions of when it can be an alternative to wuḍū and how it is nullified is also explained.

The nullifiers of wuḍū and how they are deduced from Qurʿān and Sunnah using a systematic methodology. Ghusl(major purification); the bare minimum as well as the Sunnah method will further be taught and explained. Additionally, we will also cover the agents that nullify the ghusl.

Ascension of the Believer - Part I

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