Last year, Darul Qasim became Darul Qasim College, receiving license to operate as a college by the Illinois Board of Higher Education

And now, Alhamdulillah, we have another location to foster our growth.

By Allah’s Grace, the mass we have gained through becoming a college coupled with our velocity of growth has given us the momentum we need to propel ourselves forward, and Insha Allah, sustain our advancement.

What lies ahead?

Departmental growth. Accreditation.

Our academic diversification into disparate colleges fueled by one unifying purpose: To be in the quest for more knowledge

A Beautiful Location

Nestled in the charming Village of Hoffman Estates, Darul Qasim’s new location spans 3.91 acres of scenic outdoor spaces.

Lots of Room

The building is a 46,000 square foot two-story educational space with additional land for further expansion.

Scenic Outdoors

Lush foliage lines the meandering pathways of the college and at various points offers a view of a pond behind the main building.

250-Seat Auditorium

A platform for us to deliver lectures and seminars, conduct inter-collegiate exchanges and host think tanks.

Space That Meets Our Needs...

Upon entry one is struck by the expansive views and natural sunlight that emanates from all directions of the facility.

...With Room For More

The new location has the capacity to cater to Darul Qasim’s unique needs.

Classrooms & Offices

18 classrooms and an administration wing with 9 faculty offices

Just The Right Ambience

Our faculty, students, and staff will have access to an educational landscape with an atmosphere of creativity, intellectual growth, and community. 

Come, Be A Part Of The Quest

Due to strong student enrollment, we have reached capacity at our existing facility. We are getting ready to expand and welcome more eager students at our new location.