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The Coolness of Our Eyes: Raising Our Children

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With ʿĀlimah Amina Lakhi & Dr. Sarah Syed
Women-only workshop
Sunday, April 2, 2017
The Coolness of Our Eyes: Raising Righteous Children is a workshop aimed at mothers and mothers-to-be. It will cover a myriad of topics, expounding on the emotional, moral, spiritual and social aspects of raising children in today’s context. The workshop will have plenty of time allotted to questions and answers to allow participants to ask pointed questions relating to their own personal struggles, from qualified female specialists, all within a safe space.

Mathematical Infinity

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Feb 25, 9:30am CST, with Zamir Syed, PhD
In this workshop, Dr. Syed explores the concept of numbers from a mathematical viewpoint. In addition to providing a brief history of the concept of infinity, Dr. Syed also discussed the concise definitions of infinity and beyond.

How a Prophetic Ḥadīth Sheds Light on Modern Scholarship

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Feb 18 with Khaled Keshk, PhD
Dr. Keshk will share three incidents, two that are very famous in Islamic history and another that is from a ḥadīth, to show that the intent of the scholar/historian has a direct impact on the outcome of the analysis of these varied incidents.

Islamic Archeology and its Context

This presentation with Dr. Choukri will explore the field of Islamic archaeology as an academic discipline, in its own right, surveying its history and methodology, and as an intersection of Islamic history, archaeology and wider anthropology.
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Modernism and the Destiny of Man

Benefit from this presentation as Dr. Umar explains the history and worldview of modernity and further elaborates how it has affected metaphysical rationale and the Islamic worldview.
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Ascension of the Believer

In this two-part series of workshops, Darul Qasim faculty members, Mufti Hisham and Mawlana Arif taught essential worship discourses related to prayer – the prerequisite and requisite rulings according to the Qurʿān and Sunnah were thoroughly explained.
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New Atheism

Shaykh Omar Qureishi examines the claims New Atheism make regarding God, morality, religion, and science then explains the debased theories in the light of Kalām theology.
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