Darul Qasim College Open House

Darul Qasim College welcomed over 400 guests at its new campus in Hoffman Estates. The institution hosted an open house, opening its doors to the community and hosting over 50 ʿulamā from the Chicagoland area.

Attendees reflected on what the opening of the new campus means to them and more broadly the acquisition of Islamic knowledge in the American context. Below we share one of the many moving responses we have received.

“On Saturday, October 28th, Darul Qasim College hosted an open house for its new campus in Hoffman Estates.  The concept of an open house is intriguing. The New Oxford American Dictionary defines it as ‘a day when members of the public are invited to visit a place or institution, especially one to which they do not normally have access.’ In an institutional sense, holding an open house serves as both an introduction to those who are new and a warm welcome to those who are already connected in some way.

Before entering, we were struck by the purple pillars at the entrance, visually reminding us that those who enter are on a quest for something special. As we walked in, we were immediately greeted with salām and directed to begin our tours. While walking the campus and taking in its stunning views, we couldn’t help but feel the excitement of touring a college campus for the first time. At the end of the tour, we were treated to a wonderful buffet of food, a coffee stand, and delectable desserts. The civilizational values of generosity and magnanimity were on full display.

We were delighted by the many features of the campus, including its classrooms, meeting/conference rooms, a large lecture hall and auditorium, office space for faculty, student lounges, and a spacious muṣalla for prayer. We were left imagining what campus life will look like, ʾin shāʾ Allāh, in the years to come.

I left the open house with a few reflections. First, gratitude. For those who have been with Darul Qasim since the beginning, it is hard to capture what this moment feels like. We began in a tiny office in Lombard, and now we are a licensed college with a campus to match, which, just in its physical setting, evokes a sense of salām. Second, humility. The tours were conducted by faculty, board members, and students. The food was served and managed by the family of Shaykh Amin Kholwadia and other supporters of the institution. Third, potential. So many young people were present, giving a deep sense of optimism that the future is bright and the quest for more knowledge remains a profound desire in our youth.

Darul Qasim College is embarking on a new and exciting chapter, rooted in its original mission to be a place that is forever in pursuit of more knowledge.